How Much is Enough?

“How much is enough when selling your home”.

This is a great question when it comes to home prices in this market. I talk to sellers and agents daily. They tell stories about homes selling for more than list price or above market value. The average is about 105% of the list price at the time the home sells. However, there are the unique properties that are getting more but in most cases the properties that are selling for 115% or more than the list price are simply under priced at the time. I’ve written blogs explaining why this happens. The real question is “Did the seller actually get top dollar for the home?”

Did they leave any money on the table?

From the outside looking in, one might think that all that has to be done is to put the home on the market at any price and wait for the buyer to pay “stupid money”. Except for a few unique properties, this just doesn’t happen. Oh, the home will sell. Without proper preparation and pricing strategies, it will take longer. There may be one or two price adjustments and the seller will net less money. The seller can always get more for a property that is inspected, repaired, staged and easily transferred. Think about it. A buyer will certainly pay a bit more for a property with few or no issues or questions about the home. A move in ready property is more attractive to most buyers rather than one that needs a week or two of clean-up and thousands of dollars of work to be ready for the move.

Take a look at a more common situation … Selling A car.

Pretend that you and a friend are selling identical cars. Your friend thinks that so many people really want this type of car. He chooses to put the car in craigslist without even washing it. He just waits for the first call. That buyer anxiously agrees to buy the car and takes the car to a mechanic which discovers at least $700.00 of repairs needed. He might just walk away, but he first offers $1200.00 less. Your friend agrees and walks away with his money. Now, you on the other hand, take the car to a mechanic for a diagnostic check-up, have the defects repaired then get the car detailed before placing an add in auto trader on line with the mechanical green light. This buyer comes by already knowing about the diagnosis and repairs. He pays full price for the car without a mechanic’s checkup. You net a lot more than your friend for the same car! The process or preparation, exposure and negotiations works every time … the same is true for houses.

In general, when it comes to houses … You just can’t cut corners.

A home that is prepared without cutting corners and marketed professionally will always generate more money. It takes a strong agent to guide you through the process. Remember, negotiations start even before the property comes on the market for sale. It is always worth the time and cost.  If you have any doubts about getting enough for your home when all is said and done … you tried to do it the easy way.   If you’re serious about selling your home for top dollar, watch my Net Top Dollar Video.  It’s a 15 minute tour of tips and strategies that will ensure top dollar.

Contact Tom Perry when it’s time to Get your home on the market. He realizes that to generate top dollar for his clients there must be no stone unturned. When it comes to preparation, marketing exposure and negotiation skills, Tom’s system has you covered.

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