Is Your Agent Worth Their Fee?

Many Buyers and Sellers ask if a real estate agent is worth their fee.  This is a valid question.  What benefit does the agent bring to the client?  Are they effective?  Was there a financial or emotional benefit to the client?  Who knows and how can you even measure that?
Let’s start with New Agents.  The best new agents partner with experienced mentors to learn the business skill required and more importantly to ensure their clients get the best care.   A new agent does not have the experience or education to properly assist a client that is buying or selling.  This is a complicated process, The path to winning negotiations, proper buyer and seller assistance and then the legal maze in every process is labor intensive.  When it is done properly the agent gets the client to their goal with the best scenario for them.
What is an experienced agent?   Let’s stop there for a moment.    Is it an agent that has had a license for a year or two?  Maybe an agent that has closed a few transactions?  Is it the agent that has several certifications behind their name?  Having spent 20 years training new and experienced agents, I’ll tell you, it’s none of these.  An experienced agent does have years of lessons behind them from the experience of several transactions.  They seek out education that will allow them to grow and serve their clients more effectively.  They realize that it’s not the certifications as much as it’s the implementation of the information into their daily business so their clients have a better experience.  Every transaction and every client is so different.  The learning curve is long.  Even an agent with several transactions may not have the skill to best serve your needs.
Bottom Line:  A good agent earns their fee through systems, their negotiation skills and the outcome.
So, what does the prudent Buyer/Seller do when looking for agents to interview.  Ah Ha!  Look for agents to interview.
  • Ask friends for referrals to agents they have used and had great results.
  • Look at the agents website for their bio, explanation of their process, and testimonials from past clients.
  • Set an appointment to meet with them and always allow enough time to answer your questions.
  • Ask great questions that directly answer your concerns and expectations.
  • Have the agent explain the process of buying/selling and what you can expect.
  • Will they have the time to assist you properly?
Now What?  After the interview decide on a few things.  First of all, do you trust them?  If not … move on!  However, if you do trust them, they just might be the right agent for you.  Did they seem to be able to assist you effectively?  Were they able to explain the market and the process easily to you?  Can you see yourself working closely with them making big decisions for the next month or so?  If your answer is YES … this is your new agent.
From here on you and your agent must be honest with each other.  You are on the same team.  Don’t keep information from them such as prices and negotiations.  The agent must be able to be direct and candid with you as well.  The right agent will ensure that you get the best deal.  This is their worth.
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Posted by Tom Perry affiliated with Realty Executives Brio in Bellevue Wa.  Tom stays in tune with the real estate market and the trends that drive it.  His buyer and seller systems are well thought out and produce result for his clients.  His clients learn that the best results achieved by planning, systems and thoughtful execution.  Contact Tom when it’s time to start your planning to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the Seattle area.



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