Selling A Home for Top Dollar is by Design

A positive outcome and netting Top Dollar from the sale of your home is not by accident it’s by design.  There is an important strategy involved. I understand the importance of positioning, planning, home prep and staging, and pricing. My team of professionals understands their importance in the process as well.

Your part in the process is to make great decisions, with my guidance, that enhance your opportunity to get your home SOLD in a reasonable time for Top Dollar. Use the following as a guideline to ensure that we don’t cut any important corners that can cost you thousands.

Strategic Positioning:

  • Study the current market and the trends in the market. What are people buying?
  • Look closely at price point, square footage, age, style. Does your property fit the profile?
  • Be careful! If your home is well above the size and price that people are buying in your area, it may take longer to sell and for less than you think.

Pro-Active Marketing:

  • Netting Top Dollar for your home is not an accident, it takes planning and a pro-active marketing approach by all of us.
  • I understand the market, the trends and how they will affect your price.
  • You must follow the pro-active marketing plan and resist the urge to cut corners.
  • Together, we will design a plan of action and stick to it. Adjusting on the way as your situation dictates.

Home Prep and Staging:

  • Watch the “Prepare your home For Sale” video on my website.
  • Get a Pre-List Inspection of your home. We will go through the results and make arrangements for the defects to be repaired or replaced.
  • We will walk through your home, as if we were Buyers, and point out the tired, worn or outdated features in your home
  • 1 Day Design, home stagingwill come to your home and prepare it “For Sale”. She will stage the home in a way to let the buyer emotionally move in and feel at home.
  • The best homes, staged well, will always sell first and for more money!

Thoughtful Pricing:

  • Study the guidelines to pricing your home in my “Net Top Dollar” book before arriving at your price.
  • Look closely at the properties, comparable to yours that have recently SOLD. It’s important to be sure that they are same style, within 10% of the size, condition/upgrades and of course in the right price range.
  • We will use 3 markers when pricing your home; Dollar per square foot, tax factor and adjusted comparison to the closest, most recent, comparable properties.
  • This is not hit and miss. It also is not a science. Experience, the ability to understand the market and knowing how Buyers look at homes is so important.

Develop a Plan:

  • I have a basic plan of action to put your home on the market with the focus on netting Top Dollar.
  • We will customize the plan to fit your specific home, area or price point.
  • Go all out! There isn’t a short cut to netting Tom Dollar.
  • If you are thinking about selling your home sometime soon, go to my website and schedule your personal consultation.

Even if you are a year out. It’s worth your time to get together. I can keep you from spending “wasted” money on your home in preparation to putting it on the market. Money that you will never get back and may not even make the property more sale-able.

For your consultation, I will come to your home to listen closely to your objectives. We will tour your home together, looking at the homes features and any defects you should address. Then, I will show you the benefits of my pro-active marketing plan, lay out the options available to you and look at potential outcomes. You can then decide on the path that works best for you.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Posted by Tom Perry affiliated with Realty Executives Brio in Bellevue Wa.  Tom stays in tune with the real estate market and the trends that drive it.  His buyer and seller systems are well thought out and produce result for his clients.  His clients learn that the best results achieved by planning, systems and thoughtful execution.  Contact Tom when it’s time to start your planning to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the Seattle area.



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