A Very Cool Bellevue History Lesson from 1900 …

This is a very cool photo history of Bellevue, Washington was posted on my Facebook.  I thought it was worth a share.  For those that live here, there will be a few “ahh’s”, some “no way’s” and maybe an “I remember that”.  I love learning about the history of an area and the growth.  Great arial photos of meydenbauer bay and how about a vacation from the big city in Medina.  That’s right get away from the pollution of the city.  See a little about the growth of Bellevue Square.  A muddy trip down Bellevue Way and of course the Bellevue school house.   I hope you enjoy it.

Click Here to take a trip back in time.

If the growth of Bellevue and the eastside is getting to you … If the traffic situation is just too much to handle … If you want the sanity you once enjoyed back in your life … maybe it’s time for a move.  There are so many options within an hour of the big city hustle.  Contact me if it’s time to explore your options.

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