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Listing with a Neighborhood Specialist?

There is absolutely no benefit to listing your home with a neighborhood specialist.   What the heck is a neighborhood specialist anyway?  Is this an agent that lives in the neighborhood or do they simply send postcards to the community?  Maybe it’s an agent that has sold several homes in the neighborhood and claims to know more about…

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How Much is Enough?

“How much is enough when selling your home”. This is a great question when it comes to home prices in this market. I talk to sellers and agents daily. They tell stories about homes selling for more than list price or above market value. The average is about 105% of the list price at the time…

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Selling A Home for Top Dollar is by Design

A positive outcome and netting Top Dollar from the sale of your home is not by accident it’s by design.  There is an important strategy involved. I understand the importance of positioning, planning, home prep and staging, and pricing. My team of professionals understands their importance in the process as well. Your part in the process…

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How Much Should I Offer For That Home

Buyers often ask, “How much should I offer for that home”. This is a big important question that most home Buyers commonly ask their agent. The dependence Buyers put on the real estate agent’s answer and the weight they give it in their decision is what I want to discuss. There are 4 points to consider;…

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Is Your Agent Worth Their Fee?

Many Buyers and Sellers ask if a real estate agent is worth their fee.  This is a valid question.  What benefit does the agent bring to the client?  Are they effective?  Was there a financial or emotional benefit to the client?  Who knows and how can you even measure that? Let’s start with New Agents.  The…

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A Quick Look at Bellevue’s Real Estate Market. 5/17/2017

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Zillow reports the median home values increased in Bellevue to $783,000. Bellevue home values have gone up 13.9% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 5.2% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Bellevue is $411, which is higher than the Seattle Metro average of $220. The median…

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